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+64% engagement

Led by the implementation of a strategy to unify e-mail and SMS.

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+28% sales

Thanks to the full integration of e-commerce and the E-goi platform.

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+74% average ticket

Guided by the implementation of innovative artificial intelligence strategies.

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Silmara Poletto - Marketing Mormaii

“I recommend E-goi to all segments and sizes of businesses that aim to foster customer loyalty, maintain a long-term relationship, and turn them into genuine brand advocates."

Silmara Poletto - Marketing Mormaii

João Rodrigues - Digital Marketing Manager at Credibom

“At E-goi, we find not just a supplier, but a partner to help us make the necessary implementations, with openness and flexibility to develop new features according to our goals."

João Rodrigues - Digital Marketing Manager at Credibom

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